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Alphington Community Centre (ACC) is a neighbourhood house located in the heart of Alphington and offers a range of activities, support, events and services to our local community. If you haven’t visited us yet, drop in and meet our friendly staff and find out all the news!

Our Vision

Working together to build and strengthen our community.

Our Mission

Alphington Community Centre is a dynamic community organisation.  We are a meeting place for people, providing activities and services which are accessible and responsive.

We are committed to providing a range of activities that encourage personal development and life-long learning.

We work in partnership to build connections, foster networks and strengthen our community.

Our Values

  • We welcome people of all abilities and ages, from all cultures
  • We value, respect, and listen to our community
  • We encourage and promote inclusion
  • We value diversity, innovation and creativity
  • We value our local environment
  • We support social justice
  • We act with integrity and transparency

Our 2016 – 2018 Strategic Plan

ACC Strategic Plan 2016-18

Our History

We have a long history of connection with our local community, developing from a commitment of local residents to build and strengthen the local community and to prevent social isolation.  ACC was started in 1982 by a local resident, Judy Price, as Alphington Self Help Exchange (ASHE), to provide activities and support services primarily for women who were at home with young children.  ASHE began a local community network, providing the opportunity for residents to meet socially, learn skills from each other, share child-minding and communicate across the community through a newsletter.

The vision was, and has continued to be, to strengthen the local community and reduce social isolation through building connections across the local community.  The community development approach of ASHE, and now ACC, is at the core of our operations.  “Self-help” was a strong component of the original vision.  This has now developed into empowerment of the community and a commitment to ongoing community development.  Our origins are a constant reminder that ACC is part of the community and whatever we do, must be in response to our community needs. We have grown and developed over the years.

Our Committee

We are governed by a dedicated and passionate committee of local residents.

  •  Alison Glynn (chair)
  • Richard Taylor (vice chair)
  • Anne Crehan (secretary)
  • TJ Farrow (treasurer)
  • Michelle Fidler (general member)
  • Amaya Alvarez (general member)


Our 2018 AGM is on Monday 22 October at 7.30pm.

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