A bit of light reading for a Wednesday lunchtime … some new data from the ABS about our area (interpreted by me!)

In Alphington-Fairfield the population was 8934 in 2016.  It has grown by 1810 in 10 years.  The median age has fallen from 37 to 36 and our area has a younger median that for Australia (38).

Chicks rule in Alphington-Fairfield! making up 52.1% of the population. 

Our household size has increased to 2.4 people per house, but is less than the national average of 2.6 people per house … and on average there is one bedroom for every person (our houses are getting bigger!).

Most people in Alphington-Fairfield were born in Australia 70.2%, then UK 3.8%, Greece 3%, Italy 2.3% and China 1.9%.  The most common language spoken at home other than English is still Greek at 6.1% but … both Greek and Italian are falling.  There has been a small increase in Mandarin and Cantonese … and Vietnamese is in the top 5 for the first time.

Only 0.4% of the population identify as Indigenous (this represents 40 people), which is much lower than the national average of 2.8%.

The most common ancestry for people in the area is English, Australian, Irish, Scottish and Italian.

In terms of religion, the majority of people in our area identify as secular with no religious affiliation 46.6%. The next large group is Catholic 21.5%, followed by Eastern Orthodox 7.9%, Anglican 5% and Uniting 1.9%.

The median household income has increased substantially since 2006 from $1104 to $1813.

The median rent is $346, per week.  37.1% of people in the area were renting in 2016, up from 32.5% in 2006 and substantially higher than the national average of 29.4%.

For homeowners, the average monthly mortgage is now $2000.  27.6% of the population own their own home with a mortgage, down from 29.1% in 2006 and less than the national average of 32.4%. 

And only 27.9% of people own their dwellings outright, down from 31.4% in 2006, and also less than the national average of 29.6%.

How interesting hey? x Leanne

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